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  • 2016 Certificate of Excellence 2016 Certificate of Excellence Beauty Hotels Taipei - Roumei Hotel, Hsuanmei Hotel, Beautique Hotel are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded the TripAdvisor-Certificate of Excellence !
  • Exquisite Set Meal For Breakfast Exquisite Set Meal For Breakfast 2016 Beauty Hotels Taipei especially works with the subordinate RD Cafe, to introduce and provide the exquisite set meal for breakfast.
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台北美系列飯店集團 — 溫馨,舒適,您第二個家
Beauty Hotels Taipei — Comfort, Relax, Your Second Only Home

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  • 啃豆坊 Bean Roasters - Coffee Time RD Cafe 深烘焙 - Coffee Time
  • 美之宴會舘 Beauty Banquet - Memories 美之宴會舘 Beauty Banquet - Memories

台北 美系列飯店集團 Beauty Hotels Taipei

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台北 美系列飯店集團 Beauty Hotels Taipei

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